As EYC Foundation works to inspire and support today’s youth to discover and pursue a love of the water and careers in the marine and maritime fields, we also want to honor those that are out there doing the hard work now. We are grateful for the industry leaders that serve as inspiration to tomorrow’s new recruits. We honor them with Marine Wizard status.

A Marine Wizard is someone who demonstrates extraordinary skills in the marine trades, is known for providing excellent customer service and is considered to be “the best of the best” in the industry.

A new class of Wizards is recognized every other year. The selection process begins with nominations from the boating public and industry peers. Recipients are selected by a Foundation appointed committee and receive an honorary two-year membership to Eastport Yacht Club, courtesy of EYC.

2024 is a Marine Wizard year! Let us know who you
think lives up to the high standards of a Marine Wizard.
The deadline for this year’s nominations is May 24, 2024.


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Help honor the industry’s “Best of the Best”

One more shout out to the Marine Wizards of years gone by!

2022 Marine Wizards
Tarn Kelsey  •  Marshall Larner. •  Anna Maddox
Dave Martin. •  JJ Williams

2020 Marine Wizards
Greg Clarence • Mary Heinritz • John Kubilus • Mark Sims

2018 Marine Wizards
Austin Angermier. •  Tripp Ewers
Michael Johnson. •  Mark Miller. •  Matt Weimer

2016 Marine Wizards
Peter Carrico • Jay Herman •. Mike Sells
Ryan McQueeney • Mike Morgan

2014 Marine Wizards
Jeff Leitch • Robert Jackson • Karl Allen
Rurik Reshetiloff • Nathan Horton

2012 Marine Wizards
Tim Boteler • Frank Hoot • David King •
Fredy Menjivar • Roy Todd

2010 Marine Wizards
Ryan Anderson • Bob Campbell • Paul Foer •
Marc LeBlanc • Eric Lostrom • Dan Oldale •
Tim Stevens • Patrick Teeling • Kate Chaney •
Fred Wagner

2008 Marine Wizards
Terry Clarence • Andy Fegley • Stuart Forrest •
Chris Humphreys • Patrick Jinks
Keith Johnson • Peter Kennedy • John Levelle •
Ingo Moos • Chris Oliver • Stacey Stone •
Sean Thomas  

The Marine Wizards program is chaired by Deanna Sansbury
Reach her at:

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