Community Grants

Our Community Grants support local non-profits that focus on educating youth and young adults about career opportunities in the Marine and Maritime Trades or environmental awareness.


  • Grants available between $100 – $500.  
  • Preference will be given to groups and projects located on Spa Creek, Back Creek and the Severn River
  • All projects must have a clearly defined educational component, and Grant funds must be demonstrated as going toward this educational component
  • Preference will be given to programs with educational components targeted to kids ages 5-18
  • Preference will be given to groups working in collaboration with other groups in order to develop and run a program
  • Grant funds are not available for general overhead or similar non-targeted purposes
  • Other requirements are set forth in the Terms and Conditions included as part of the Application

If interested, please submit your completed Application to

Click here for Application and Instructions

Please Note:  All Applicants are bound by the Terms and Conditions, which are deemed a part of the Application whether or not the Foundation Application form is used. Please download, sign and return with your Application even if you use your own Application form.

Click here for Terms and Conditions Form

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