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We invite you to join our volunteer team! Each of our individual events require time & attention. We welcome your participation, whether big or small, it all makes a difference. Reach out to our Foundation Chair, Tim Wilbricht or the Foundation Treasurer, Stephanie Reisinger for ideas on how you can help!

We look forward to volunteering with you by the waters edge!


Click here for the list of the

2015 EYCF Standing Committees and their leadership.


Specific Events Now In Motion


8th Annual Marine & Maritime Career Fair: February 24, 2018

 Many volunteers are needed to plan, set-up, staff and break down the annual Career Fair in support of our exhibitors and students!

Recruit exhibitors – Introduce us to new ones!

 Expand the student outreach database

  • Pre-planning for day of event
  • Day of event volunteer -- signup here



Sailing & Boating through STEM:  June 2018

We are planning for the fourth year of our STEM Program to be implemented at EYC and up to two additional locations in Maryland (2-3 days at each location) during May-June of 2018. 

Planning is underway and we need your help!

-- Teacher/Instructor/Educators training will be held in the spring of 2018 (May is our target) on the four modules for this program:

  1. Mechanical Advantage
  2. Wind on Land & Sea
  3. Tides & Navigation
  4. Ecosystem Health

-- Boat owners (sail and power) are needed to take 5th graders on the water.

-- Liaison with participating yacht clubs, museums, schools, etc.

-- Maintenance and travel related to equipment for all fout program modules.

-- Much more!

The 2018 STEM Program will be held on May 29th, 30th and 31st with students from Eastport, Georgetown East and Annapolis Middles Schools.  Volunteers are needed for both the on-land modules and the on-the-water activities.  6-8 boats per day are also needed.  

VOLUNTEER SignUp Genius coming soon!


EYC Latitude Adjustment Party

The Latitude Adjustment Party is a public block party (with dancing!) thrown by Eastport Yacht Club to celebrate those who work in the Marine Trades, introduce and send off the Annapolis to Bermuda Ocean Race crews and name Outstanding Marine Wizards.

EYC designated the EYC Foundation as the 2016 beneficiary.  Volunteers worked at the entrance gate, pour beer and wine, serve food and sell tickets.

The next "Latitude Adjustment Party" will be held in 2018!

Check this page in May for volunteer opportunities at the party! 



Volunteers are Essential to the Success of the Foundation.  Many of the activities coordinated by the Foundation would not be possible without our many devoted volunteers. Whether you can devote a few hours, a day or even more, your time and energy will help the Foundation to meet our mission that revolves around education, kids and the water.

Here are just some more opportunities for you to share your own passion or expertise in helping the Foundation achieve its mission. Get involved with:

Your Favorite Foundation Program

Fundraising for Scholarships and Programs

Donate your time & boat to take kids on the Bay

Teachers/Instructors/Educators for our 5th Grade STEM program

Communications Team – website, social media, graphics, databases, correspondence, etc.

Volunteer Recruitment / Volunteer Appreciation

Grants: Research & Writing & Editing

Event Planning

Contact EYCF Chair, Tim Wilbricht at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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