Formerly known as the MAST Scholarship Program, the Marine & Maritime Scholarship Program is provided by the Eastport Yacht Club Foundation, in keeping with our mission to provide financial support to high school graduates who choose to pursue a marine or maritime career.  Scholarships are given to qualified applicants for post-high school training in the Marine and Maritime Careers. 


APPLY NOW -- Application deadline is June 15, 2018

Click here  to download the critera and application to complete the 2018 Marine & Maritime Scholarship Application


2017-2018 Marine & Maritime Scholarship Winners

Addison Lash

Aidan Molesky

George Haber

George Burkley

Gracelyn Bowers

Matt Wilson*

Max Ryder

Zach Williams

Michael Kaminskas II

Wyatt Vansant 

*Recipient of the Stephen Voorhis Memorial Scholarship

Click here learn more about the 2017 Schoalrship Winners


2016-2017 Marine & Maritime Schloarship Winners

Ryan Beveridge

Maxwell Ryder

Lucas Karhoff*

Alex Roberson

Michael Kaminskas

Aidan Molesk

Gracelyn Bowers

*Recipient of the Stephen Voorhis Memorial Scholarship

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2015-2016 Marine & Maritime Scholarship Winners

 Michael Atwell

Ryan Beveridge

Ty Davidson

Lucas Karhoff

Alex Roberson

Desirae Marie Williams

Click here to read about the 2015 Scholarship Winners


2014-2015 Marine & Maritime Scholarship Winners

Michael Atwell  

Ryan Beveridge  

Lucas Karhoff  

Sean Rogers  

John Ryder, Jr 

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