What is an Outstanding Marine Wizard?

In 2008, as part of its MAST (MArine Skills Training) initiative, the Eastport Yacht Club Foundation introduced a biennial naming of select Outstanding Marine Wizards on the evening of the Eastport Yacht Club's Spring Cotillion (the party now known as the Latitude Adjustment Party). An Outstanding Marine Wizard is defined as "someone who has outstanding marine skills that every boater wishes he or she had and offers these skills for hire!" This concept received immediate support from Mary Ewenson, Publisher of SpinSheet and PropTalk, who continues to work with the Foundation to orchestrate this special opportunity to recognize outstanding performance in the Marine Industry. Once named, a Wizard remains a Wizard throughout his/her career and a new class is added every two years.


Nominating and Selecting New Wizards

Nominations open in the Spring of each event year and are invited from any boater who keeps a boat in the region. Nominations may be made on this website or sent to the Foundation on an official nomination form. Details are posted here and advertised via SpinSheet and PropTalk. The EYCF determines the number of new wizards to be selected that year. A small group of local industry leaders are named each even year to evaluate the nominations received and name the newest class of Outstanding Marine Wizards. These leaders remain anonymous until the public introduction of the newest Wizards during the Eastport Yacht Club's Latitude Adjsutment Party in the selection year. 

How to participate

  • Coordination Team - Wizards may indicate interest in this committee that works with the Foundation's OMW Chair to promote excellence in the marine trades and opportunities for students to learn more about the skills and careers of the Wizards. Contact Tim Wilbricht if you are interested.
  • OMW Sponsors - Join those who sponsor this award and the outreach efforts of the OMW Coordination Team.
  • Nominate A Wizard - The next group of Wizards will be selected in 2020.

Congratulations to our  2018 

Outstanding Marine Wizards!


Austin Angermier - Bayshore Marine

Tripp Ewers - Annapolis Yacht Sales

Michael Johnson - Port Annapolis

Mark Miller - Ferry Point Marina

Matt Weimer - Annapolis Yacht Sales

Outstanding Marine Wizards WEB

Announced at the 2018 Latitude Adjustment Party. Click to see more pictures from the event!





2016 Outstanding Marine Wizards


2008 Outstanding Marine Wizards

Terry Clarence
Andy Fegley
Stuart Forrest
Chris Humphreys
Patrick Jinks
Keith Johnson
Peter Kennedy
John Levelle
Ingo Moos
Chris Oliver Jr.
Stacey Stone
Sean Thomas



2014 Outstanding Marine Wizards

Karl Allen
Nathan Horton
Robert Jackson
Jeff Leitch
Rurik Reshetiloff

2010 Outstanding Marine Wizards

Ryan Anderson
Bob Campbell
Paul Foer
Marc LeBlanc
Erik Lostrom
Dan Oldale
Tim Stevens
Patrick Teeling
Kate Chaney Torgerson
Fred Wagner




2016 Outstanding Marine Wizards

Mike Sells
Peter Carrico
Ryan McQueeney
Jay Herman
Mike Morgan

2012 Outstanding Marine Wizards

Tim Boteler
Frank Hoot
David King
Fredy Menjivar
Roy Todd







2018 Outstanding Marine Wizards

Michael Johnson
Tripp Ewers
Austin Angermier
Mark Miller
Matt Weimer

2012 Outstanding Marine Wizards

Tim Boteler
Frank Hoot
David King
Fredy Menjivar
Roy Todd


Outstanding Marine Wizards 2018

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