Annual Marine and Maritime Career Fair - This annual event grows each year through collaborative and community partnerships with organizations connected to our Bays, Rivers & Oceans.  Originally created in 2011, the goal is to offer students & parents in grades 6 - 12 the opportunity to learn about the broad array of careers and career pathways in the marine and maritime industries. Careers represented include: marine trades, engineering, science & research, product development, education/advocacy, public policy and more   Our exhibitors include marine businesses , government agencies, associations, college, university, technical training, STEM programs and organizations committed to getting kids on the water at a young age! 

Marine and Maritime Career Awareness Following the 4th Annual Marine & Maritime Career Fair in 2014, the Foundation launched a year-round career awareness program that incorporates a one-stop website portal to career opportunities & pathways, scholarships, job opportunities and collaborative programming with our past Career Fair exhibitors and the marine industry along with those who participated in the 2015 Career Fairand for those who want to participate in 2016 for the first time!  The year-round program will include a growing list of “Peer to Peer Mentors” partnerships, maritime resources and a few new industry-student activities.


*SAVE THE DATE* Saturday, Februay 24, 2018

8th Annual Marine & Maritime Career Expo

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STUDENTS -- What are you doing this summer?

There are tons of exhibits and festivals in this area as well as lots of activity on the water. While you're out of school, take some time to get out and look around the area, to explore some careers online, and to start making connections to cool careers.

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